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Nearly 80% of Websites Are Visited on Mobile

Google Search now prefers websites build for Google's own Mobile-First Indexing algorithm, which favors fast loading mobile friendly websites. Mobile-First designed sites rank higher in search, while sites not designed using a Mobile-First strategy may eventually be dropped from Google Search entirely over time.

Don't confuse a mobile responsive website with Mobile-First, they are two totally different things. Mobile-First sites are created for mobile size screens first, then additional elements added for desktop. Our Mobile-First Website Builder creates sites that are responsive, but also adaptive and lightening fast. 

 While organic traffic via search engines is a key ingredient for the success of the majority of companies, paying attention to the preferences of Google’s algorithm is in the best interest of discoverability of your website online.

Converting Sites Info PWAs

Websites that are created on our platform can also be converted into Progressive Web Apps and Push Notification Messaging can also be enabled.

Using our push-notification messaging dashboard allows site owners the option to stay in touch with their users, clients and their shoppers via push notification messaging.

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Build Mobile-First Websites

Creates sites to meet or exceed Google's Mobile-First best practices and get better search rank for your websites

Mobile First Web Apps (PWAs)

Create progressive web apps within our Mobile First platform. Now just about anyone can have their own app or sell apps to clients

Create Mobile Enhanced Ecommerce Stores

Ecommerce enable your Mobile First website or PWA and sell physical and digital products with pages that load super-fast and rank higher in search

Mobile First Course Builder

The best way to build online courses, plus with Mobile First Course Builder their perfect for students learning on the go

Mobile First Podcasts

Create postcasts within our platform, or create and sell podcast hosting to your clients. All from within our mobile first platform

Free Training Built In

Hundreds of walk-though tutorial videos are included in our platform, along with a great customer support team


Create and integrate chatbots or sell chatbots to clients

Mobile Food Ordering

Create a food ording app for your customers or create an additional income stream by selling apps to food establishment clients.

We offer an entire suite of products built around Google's Mobile-First Indexing Strategy

If your website is not build with a Mobile-First Indexing Strategy, then you will be left behind when it comes to getting a good placment in search engines. That's because Google search is now penalizing websites based on this new indexing technology. If your not Mobile First you will be last.

Not Being Mobile-First Is Being Mobile Last

As a business owner or website designer you need to create modern websites that you know were built to receive the best rank in search engines. Why? Because getting the best page rank is equivalent to getting free leads at no cost.

Not long ago purchasing search keywords on advertising platforms was well worth it, but for most marketing niches those days are long gone. Instead, your alterative option to show up at the top unfortunately will be paid ads.

MobiFirst is the first company to create a Mobile-First website builder. Using the site builder you will have a website built around Googles Mobile-First prioritied algorithm. Not only does our Mobile-First Website and Page Builder create well ranking pages, our suite of digital products are also based on Mobile-First and these produts also sit within the cloud based platform. This means you'll have one login no matter what product you plan to work on, and they all work seamlessly together to make your digital marketing fun and easy.

Even folks that come from platforms like WP say that they feel comfortable working with the platform in only a short period of time, in fact they normally say that they feel that they have been using it for years.


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